Council Data Project: Infrastructure-as-code for civic transparency and accessibility

Council Data Project (CDP) is an open source project that provides tools for making city council transcripts, legislation, and voting records searchable through a single website. This is achieved through a Python-powered Infrastructure-as-code architecture. CDP provides an entire backend and frontend that can be easily deployed for a governing body of any size or location. As long as the deployer provides data for events in a pre-defined yet flexible structure, CDP provides a database, file storage, speech-to-text transcription, and natural language search.

About Isaac Na

Hi! My name is Isaac Na, I’m a software engineer at Amazon, and I’m currently living in Seattle. I graduated in 2019 from Washington University in St. Louis and have been out here enjoying the Pacific Northwest ever since! Python is my language of choice when it comes to personal projects, and is primarily what I use when working on Council Data Project, which I’ve been involved with for two years now. Through Council Data Project I became involved in open-source development and Seattle’s local civic tech community. In my free time, I rock climb, play competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee, and cook homemade pizza.